Sockeye City Grill

I came here the other night for a family birthday dinner and the restaurant selection was my pick as I was debating between a few restaurants by the Fisherman’s Wharf. I ended up picking Sockeye City Grill because I liked their website, their items on their menu and the restaurant was in a good location with a good view.

We started off with drinks and this is a virgin pina coloda, which tasted pretty good.

Complimentary bread to start off the meal. I’ve had better breads elsewhere but it wasn’t terrible. Just your normal bread.

We ordered 3 plates of food to share between us. The first one that arrived were 2 pieces of salmon fish & chips ($16). It was served with fries and coleslaw. (Sorry, I snapped the picture too quickly and it ended up focusing on the fish, not the fries). The fish & chips were great and came in a large portion.

Next came the West Coast Fisherman’s Pot ($29). It includes crab leg, Salt Spring Island mussels, local clams, jumbo prawns, Queen Charlotte bay scallops, wild BC salmon, Pacific halibut and garden vegetables in a tomato white wine broth along side with garlic toast. They put the super long crab leg on top of the pot (which is not shown in the picture). When it comes to eating seafood, it is best to eat it fresh and in simple flavors but I really like having it in broth. This was really good though the seafood wasn’t the best. The crab leg was really fresh but I thought the mussels were a bit small and the clams were really ‘crunchy’ (with sand perhaps?).

The last dish we had was the appetizer platter ($25) because I had trouble deciding what appetizers to order. I love platters because everyone can try a little bit of everything. The platter includes 2 pieces of crab cake, 2 pieces of seafood spring rolls, 2 shrimp gyozas, 2 pan fried oysters, and lemon garlic tiger prawns. My favorite were the prawns because I thought the rest of the items were a bit over fried and dry. In fact, I was rather disappointed especially at the crab cakes because I absolutely love crab cakes.

Overall, I had an enjoyable meal here. The total bill came to about $100 including taxes & tips.

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